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The World of Simo Alley

Humans are transported from quantum multiverses belonging to earth to one of the taverns in Simo Alley in the city-state of Led, the former seat of the empire.

Halflings are from the the hill country on the ??? penninsula and are also accomplished sailors. They are rumored to have reached the far land to the west. Other races have problems on halfling ships because of the size differences especially with the ship’s railings. :)

this is a world at the intersection of planes of existence and their organic multiverses. demi-humans are all from this world and worship the demi-human gods but all humans are from far flung worlds and worship any other gods in the deities and demi-gods manual

human characters can create their backgrounds and the back story of how they were sucked into the world.

demi-humans treat humans with a mixture of amusement, pity, and distrust and contempt at times

humans come from different quantum multiverses that are all resultant of earth. in some of these, the greek gods are real. in some, the assyrian gods are real, and so on

all of the pantheons of gods are composed of demiurges from their specific quantum universe. They can hear and respond to the prayers of their clerics.

Gnomes are much like the persian and arabic empires and conquered the land of the orcs and dispersed them. Gnomes market silk from the east, are mathematicians, and so on.

The wines of Eeram have magical and fantastic properties. These potions come in familiar varieties and each is known for its specific purpose and effect upon the imbiber. Wine is also used as components in spells and ingredients in magical items.

This is a world of the reincarnation of spirits coelaese. Some of the demi-humans have memories of the former lives in different planes of existence and quantum multiverses. Reincarnated spirits from different planes of existence have innate magical and divine characteristics.

Coinage of the empire has historically been of pure metals of it’s respective denomination. This makes the empire’s coinage system recognized and valued by all of the residents within it’s purview, as well as lands outside of the empire’s borders. In some locations merchants are known to issue promissory notes that can be traded locally. These notes generally can be designated to a private individual or be made into bearer bonds. The notes are usually validated by a wax seal embedded with the merchant’s signet ring. There are also regions of the empire that are going bankrupt that issue the notes as well which the populace regard as bathroom tissue.

Felines hold a special status in the Empire due to their innate fantastical powers. Many cats are rumored to be demons incarnate or reincarnated travelers from the various planes of existence. The fact that felines of all kinds are the preferred familiars of crones and magi alike doesn’t do anything to dispel any folklore. Cats are said to possess the ability to travel time, space and the very planes of existence themselves.

Goblins rampage on the outer reaches of the realm and have been encroaching into the four kingdoms as they acquire steel weapons and armor to match that of men and the fairer races.

There is a single, small tribe of orcs that have experienced a diaspora which makes them extremely rare on the planet. They are a subject of either pity of contempt.

Dwarves are typically known for visciousness in the realm but this does not include all of their race.

Witches (crones) are extremely powerful females found throughout the four kingdoms. Crones band together in covens to amplify their shared power and knowledge; but beware the lone crone! Witches that are powerful enough to remain loners are extremely dangerous. Some say they aren’t completely human anymore after living a solitary life for a time. A coven of note in Damnland is The Mothers of Invention. Hag crones are ubiquitous in the deep forests and are universally feared in the realms.

Language/nationality equivilancies and descriptions…

high elves latin/roman
wood/wild elves / – have shamans,
dwarves french/french – snooty, known to be viscous
halflings english/british almost exactly like lotr except for coastal halflings are seafarers
half-orcs yiddish/jewish
gnomes urdu/persian
a half-elf city-state like egypt but not an empire. a wonderous city on the north-eastern coast of africa (the goblin lands)
undead romanian/romanian have their own land in Mikasheveshky (vampire controlled) deep forest is partly in this land along with some flat-out evil dwarves to the west

Locations of Note…

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